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Junona - The biggest Bulgarian online fashion destination

Junona Story

fashion house was founded in 2000. It is focused entirely on the fairer sex. JUNONA also offers elegant and everyday fashion for ladies and children of any age. The diverse and rich collections of sporting and elegant to stylish and elegant models create the image of a modern and dynamic silhouette, which accepts with a smile the challenges of everyday life and gladly emphasises its personality.

JUNONA has production facilities in Europe and Bulgaria and maintains a high production capacity which enables it to quickly and correctly implement the commitments towards its partners. Thanks to its reliability correctness, already in the course 19 years JUNONA has been strengthening its relationships with major international companies such as Fred Sabatier - La Mode de Toutes les femmes, Weill, EDWARD ACHOUR Paris and Godski group. The company has the opportunity to work with their designers for the development of their creative activity and collections.

In less than 19 years with his unique style and fashion line, JUNONA has ranked in a top position, both on the Bulgarian and European catwalk. JUNONA’s team is composed of young and  inspired designers working around the clock on modern European silhouette.
JUNONA is always very demanding in the production of its models and uncompromising on the quality of materials used in its production. Expensive materials, natural fabrics and cotton lace are commonly present in the models of JUNONA.

JUNONA is extremely concerned, both for the environment and ethical production. It markets its production emphasising the benefits to individuals and society and at the same time minimises the adverse impact on the environment. JUNONA protects fair wages, good working conditions and the rights of its employees. The company supports the development of sustainable livelihoods of the community, it does not use pesticides or toxic substances in the production, but only environmentally friendly fabrics and components.

The design of JUNONA, this is the magic that provokes you, what conquers you and remains deep in you.